Azalea Festival Week

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I have moved across the canal, through the barricaded area around the eagles’ nest (something people can’t do – ha ha) and I have set up under a tree across from the Matson Garden.  Here I have a great view into Renaissance Court, so I will be able to see the coronation of the Azalea…

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At a Crossroads

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It has been cool and damp for four or five days now, but I have found the hottest spot in the garden.  I’m in a small planting bed on the east end of NATO bridge, at a very busy crossroads in the garden.  If I were a little taller, I could stand here like the…

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April Blooms

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Happy April Fools!  I thought about writing a nice blog about how Scott’s had come out with a new Weed N Feed product that killed everything but dandelions and how the green industry hailed this revolutionary new breakthrough, but instead I threatened the webmaster that I would stop writing blogs if he didn’t post my…

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Garden Hideaway

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It’s spring and the garden is certainly starting to burst with flowers.   Daffodils, cherries, magnolias and many other plants are putting out a rainbow of color.  Just like the flowers, people are starting to come out as well.  On warm sunny days, they pop up everywhere in the garden enjoying the flowers, the fresh air,…

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Shining in the Sun

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I’m wearing my green today, are you?  Of course I wear green everyday.  Today I am sitting in the wildflower meadow, near the end of NATO vista.  The meadow was mowed down a few weeks ago so I don’t think any gardener is going to come looking for me here.  With all the grasses and…

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Finding a Secret Garden

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I’ve been sitting here in the Fragrance Garden for a few days.  Raise your hand (or leaf) if you know where that is.  A lot of people don’t know, but it’s been fun watching them discover it.  For the last week and a half, the gardeners have been tearing up the walkway in the boat…

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Leap Day

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Today is leap day – an extra day in the year for me to enjoy the garden.  The weather has gotten a little colder lately, but the plants don’t seem to mind.  I have been popping up all over the garden this last week, because there has been much to see.  I spent some time…

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The Color of the Garden

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Today is a wonderful cold rainy day.  I love being in the Garden on a day like this and it’s a shame that so few people will enjoy it.  Cold wet weather means most people who visit the Garden today are coming for a meeting or a class inside a building.  They will dash from…

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Fresh Air!

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Whew, I have finally made it outside.  I’ve been stuck in the Tropical Display House for the last two weeks.  At first, it wasn’t so bad – nice and warm and lots of interesting plants.  But I’m the rugged outdoor type and long for fresh air.  Besides, several things happened that made me want to…

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