Eagle Nest Removal

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Find out what is happening with the nest at the Garden

Recommendations to remove the nests.

City of Norfolk Information


USDA Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the FAQ on the Norfolk Eagle Nest has been revised with the addition of an FAQ “What can I expect from eagle dispersal activities?” 9/25/12


Everyone at the Garden is saddened by the removal of the eagle nest. We will miss the joy of the eagles and the daily interaction with our friends in the eagle community.

The Garden’s position has been from the start that there should be an effective solution to the airline/bird, or eagle in this case, problem. Only time will tell if removing the nest is a solution. The current course of action, nest removal and dispersion, has been established by the Federal Government. It is necessary for the Garden, which does not own the Garden property and only manages the Garden at the City’s prerogative, to follow the City’s lead in matters dealing with the Federal Government.

Norfolk Botanical Garden staff will not remove the nest or apply dispersion tactics. These actions will be done by contractors hired by the City or by state or federal authorities. Thank you very much for your support of the Garden and the eagles.

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