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Children’s Programs at Norfolk Botanical Garden

Several generous donors have made a pledge to give $20,000 as a matching gift to help raise funds for our children’s programs. Thanks to your generosity, last year we raised $32,000. Your donations helped us to provide skilled teachers and supplies for interactive activities for numerous programs and events for children and families.

This year our goal is $40,000. Please consider making a gift again this year and “double your investment.” This matching gift opportunity is good through January 15, 2012.  Learn more.

EXCITING NEWS! Thanks to our members, donors and face book fans, we have raised $18,025 in support of our matching gift challenge of $20,000 for our children’s programs.

Only $1,975 left to raise.  If 197 of our supporters donate just $10 each, we will reach our goal. The $40,000 in donations will help us to provide the thousands of children who visit the Garden each year with hands on activities to learn about nature, wildlife and the environment. Thank you again for your generosity. For questions, please call Cathy Fitzgerald at 441-5830 ext. 319 or