Moses Ezekiel Statuary Vista

Moses Ezekiel Statuary Vista statuary Vista

Norfolk Botanical Garden’s Statuary Vista is a unique outdoor sculpture gallery set in a 400-foot long double border garden featuring eleven, seven-foot tall statues carved from Cararra marble by Moses Ezekiel. Learn More


A Great Virginian – A Great Artist Moses EzekielMoses close up

Born in Richmond, Moses Ezekiel was the first Jewish cadet to attend Virginia Military Institute. It was there that he gained the distinction of taking part in the Battle of New Market, a decisive Confederate win during the Civil War. He was honored with an Italian knighthood. His title was “Cavaliere” Moses Ezekiel. He also received German honors – Moses “Ritter von” Ezekiel. Learn More


Thank you to our donors who helped restore these beautiful historic sculpturescapture moses ezekiel banner.JPG