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Dear Garden Supporter,

It’s not often you hear the words “Double Your Investment” but that is exactly what a generous donor is offering you as a member of Norfolk Botanical Garden. Educating children about the natural world is important and that is why our donors are pledging a $40,000 matching gift opportunity to help us continue to grow our children’s programs. And we need your help to secure it.

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Since the opening of WOW, more than 2 million children and adults have had a fun and educational experience in the children’s garden. Each year our education staff creates interactive activities for children and their families to take part in during their visits. As you will see below, these daily activities inspire children and help them to connect with nature and the environment.

Just think, if you make a gift of $25, the Garden will receive $50 to keep our children’s programs growing. Your gift will have twice the impact and that is quite an investment.

Your tax deductible year-end gift to our “Double Your Investment” campaign will be appreciated by many.

We all have an extraordinary opportunity to be partners in the successful future of this wonderful natural resource, Norfolk Botanical Garden. Thank you for remembering the Garden in your year-end giving. We look forward to seeing you at one of our very popular holiday programs.

Gratefully yours,

Michael Desplaines, President & CEO

PS: You can also help us secure the Garden’s future with a donation of stocks or IRA’s that will benefit you with significant tax advantages and ensure a bright future for the Garden.

For more information contact Cathy Fitzgerald at (757) 441-5830 ext 319 or email at

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Each day throughout the year there are different WOW activities provided by Garden Teachers. Below are example activities that our WOW families experience.

Garden Storytime:Capture activities children
Join an Educator in a shady spot in the Garden and listen to one of our favorite stories.

Seed Planting:
Plant a seed to take home and learn about the plant life cycle.

Learn what compost is, how it is made, and why it is good for plants.

Insects in the Garden:
Observe insects in the garden. Learn about insect adaptations (physical and behavioral) while observing insects in their natural setting.

Butterfly Metamorphosis:
Observe monarch caterpillars in the milkweed plants and discover the life cycle of butterflies in different stages.

Dragonfly ID Walk:
Using a field guide picture book, identify dragonflies with their colors and wing patterns. Learn about the metamorphosis of a dragonfly.

Activity Station: Plants & Partners (& Foes):
Learn about plants and pollinators, how beavers build dams, the butterfly life cycle and other relationships between plants and animals.

Fruit and Veggie Cart:
Play with toy fruits and vegetables on a “Farm Market Cart” and learn about the edible parts of plants.

Scavenger Hunt: What’s in a Name?: Explore WOW to see plants with interesting names and learn why they received those names.

Activity Station: Seed Travels –
Seeds travel through wind, water and animal dispersal. At our science station, experiment with seeds and learn how different kinds of seeds make their way to the spots that they grow into new plants.

Activity Station: Carnivorous Plants:
Do some plants really eat bugs? See carnivorous plants in action as they attract and digest their prey.

Activity Station & Tour: Weirdest of the Weird-
Activity station and tour focuses on plants that are able to defend themselves from predators.

Bird Watching Bingo:
Identify bird behaviors with a bingo game.

Recycled Art:
Reuse trash to create art and useful materials. Examples include bird feeders, toys and musical instruments.

Powhatan Discovery:
See items used by the Powhatan Indians and how natural materials, both plants and animals, have been utilized by Native Americans.

Scavenger Hunt: Create a Salad:
On Discovery Peak, find all of the ingredients that create a delicious dish.

Healthy Hop Scotch:
Learn about hopscotch games played around the world and how nature often plays a role in the rules of the games.


Norfolk Botanical Garden is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.