David Bailey & Jasmine Bryant

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David and Jasmine met at a birthday party in 2014 and according to David, it was love at first sight. “When I first met Jasmine my heart knew that we would be together for a lifetime.” During their courtship David was moved by Jasmine’s selfless compassion for others. When he finally mustered the courage to propose, Jasmine was overjoyed. She’d been dreaming her entire life of finding her soul mate, having a fairy-tale wedding and sharing that very special day with their families. They began planning their dream wedding together but their excitement was quickly overshadowed by the devastating news that Jasmine’s grandmother, who helped raise her and whom she was extremely close to, had been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Jasmine devoted all of her time an energy to caring for her beloved grandmother and set aside her wedding dreams for the time being. Despite their troubles, David knew that he had to find a way to give Jasmine the beautiful wedding that she deserved. He prayed for guidance and soon after discovered the Wedding Giveaway and knew that God had a plan for them. “Winning this giveaway would mean so much to us and will give us the opportunity to show the world that in troubling times real love still exists and dreams can come true.”