The Color of the Garden

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Today is a wonderful cold rainy day.  I love being in the Garden on a day like this and it’s a shame that so few people will enjoy it.  Cold wet weather means most people who visit the Garden today are coming for a meeting or a class inside a building.  They will dash from…

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A Winter Sensory Garden

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I left the Sensory Garden in front of the Education wing the other day and found another garden that is just as appealing to the senses – especially in the winter.  I’ve heard the gardeners call this place the “Transition Garden.”  I guess it’s because it is the transition area between the back of the…

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Keeping Up on the Resolutions

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Happy cold New Year!  It has been really cold for the last few days so I have been trying to stay in any sunny spot I can find.  So far I am sticking to my New Year’s resolutions – no one’s pulled me yet so a check for 6 resolutions kept.  To keep another resolution,…

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