Naked Beauty

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Signs of spring are here, but winter has not released its hold yet.  Mild days intermingle with cold days and it is easy to see why people can get sick in the changing weather.  Fortunately I don’t have sinuses so that’s not a worry for me, but the gardeners sure are.  They seem to be…

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Party in Pink

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I spent the weekend in the Camellia Garden, enjoying a wonderful Valentine’s Day party.  Hundreds of camellias were there and most of them were all decked out in their party clothes, ready to have some fun.  They were all wearing shades of pink, red and white.  I felt really out of place, dressed in just…

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Hiding in Plain Sight

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It’s another glorious weekend and I’ve been enjoying the conifer garden – hiding in plain sight.  It’s a little odd for me to be here since I have so little in common with all the conifers. I flower, they don’t.  They are wind pollinated, I need bees (and bees need me – don’t forget that). …

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Tough Guys of Winter

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It’s been pretty cold lately.  Bark peeling cold if you ask the paperbark maple in the Winter Garden.  I think he’s just exaggerating – that bark always peels no matter what the temperature.  It’s just a complaint to gain some sympathy.  But it has been leaf-curling, flower-browning, pond freezing cold. The camellia flowers in full…

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Vacation in the Tropics

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August is the month for vacations so I wanted to go see some new plants and get away from the gardeners.  I headed to the Tropical Garden yesterday.  Since I am from a more temperate region, tropicals are not plants I know well and I feel very much like a tourist here.  Unfortunately there are…

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The Arrival of Summer

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Wow!  I have been so busy this last month I haven’t had time to write.  As spring rolled into summer, I found myself visiting a lot of different friends in a lot of different gardens.  The Japanese Garden has been beautiful as the iris and lotus create colorful splashes in the wonderfully serene garden.  The…

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On The Run

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WOW!  I’m sorry I’ve not been able to write lately, but I’ve been on the run for the last several weeks.  I thought with only two eagles in the garden (and now a smaller third), I wouldn’t have much worry about being spotted, but I didn’t count on the eagle eyes of this gardening staff. …

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At a Crossroads

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It has been cool and damp for four or five days now, but I have found the hottest spot in the garden.  I’m in a small planting bed on the east end of NATO bridge, at a very busy crossroads in the garden.  If I were a little taller, I could stand here like the…

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April Blooms

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Happy April Fools!  I thought about writing a nice blog about how Scott’s had come out with a new Weed N Feed product that killed everything but dandelions and how the green industry hailed this revolutionary new breakthrough, but instead I threatened the webmaster that I would stop writing blogs if he didn’t post my…

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Garden Hideaway

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It’s spring and the garden is certainly starting to burst with flowers.   Daffodils, cherries, magnolias and many other plants are putting out a rainbow of color.  Just like the flowers, people are starting to come out as well.  On warm sunny days, they pop up everywhere in the garden enjoying the flowers, the fresh air,…

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