Love and Flowers

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  It is a time when lots of guys try to impress the sweethearts in their lives with flowers and candy.  Of course I think flowers are great, but I am not so sure that decapitating a bunch of roses and handing them to your girlfriend is really all that…

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Holly Days

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As we approach the winter solstice, I decided to visit some of my winter friends.  I am across the road from the children’s garden, safely hiding under the branches of a holly tree.  A good prickly tree like this should discourage the gardeners from looking for me here. This is a good time of year…

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Transition to Winter

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This week I am hiding in the Transition Garden.  Appropriate since we are finally making the seasonal change to winter – on the calendar, with the weather and with the types of plants that are now most interesting.  With a few exceptions, fall foliage is almost over and the stars of winter are starting to…

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Overlooking Great Fall Color

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When people talk about fall color, they think about bright yellows, oranges and reds lighting up grand trees like maples, hickories and oaks.  A visitor to our Garden will certainly see these brilliant trees and many others.  This year, the autumn colors are gradually progressing through the landscape, lighting up a tree here and there. …

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Scary Times in the Garden

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Halloween is less than a week away and quite a few plants are ready.  Let’s go on a whirlwind tour of the Garden and finds some scary plants. First there are the plants that have creepy names – or at least evoke a creepy feeling.Spiderwort – This spring bloomer has pretty little flowers and long…

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Glory Hounds

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We are in the middle of April and the crowds are finally here.  LOTS of people came to the Garden this past weekend.  The parade of people continues, with only the occasional downpour chasing them away temporarily.  They all come to enjoy the spring weather, the beautiful flowers and probably those fuzzy eaglets way up…

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Spring Trees

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After a glorious weekend, things turned ugly today.  No, the Garden is still very beautiful, but the horticulture staff has gotten mean.  This morning I was sitting in the Flowering Arboretum, minding my own business when the droning noise began.  Mowers whirring in the distance – a clever form of psychological warfare intended to scare…

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Naked Beauty

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Signs of spring are here, but winter has not released its hold yet.  Mild days intermingle with cold days and it is easy to see why people can get sick in the changing weather.  Fortunately I don’t have sinuses so that’s not a worry for me, but the gardeners sure are.  They seem to be…

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Party in Pink

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I spent the weekend in the Camellia Garden, enjoying a wonderful Valentine’s Day party.  Hundreds of camellias were there and most of them were all decked out in their party clothes, ready to have some fun.  They were all wearing shades of pink, red and white.  I felt really out of place, dressed in just…

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