Conifer Garden – Video Blog

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Learn more about the beautiful Conifer Garden at Norfolk Botanical Garden in southeast Virginia. Les Parks shows you how Conifers are a great addition to your own landscape as they look stunning in all seasons! This Garden was designated by the American Conifer Society as a Reference Garden for the Southeast.

Growing Your Easter Lilies Outside

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Do you hate to simply discard your Easter Lily after it has finished blooming? Here is some advice provided the Kansas State University Extension Service for repeat bloom in subsequent years. After the flowers have faded, remove the flower stalk so that energy does not go into making seed. Keep the plant inside until the…

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Lions, Tigers & Bears . . . Oh My!

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I live in a botanical garden, not a zoo. However, I am not surprised that some people think about animals when they are here. Walking around the garden there is a veritable menagerie of plants with animal names. Let’s take a look at a few of them. Visitors on safari outside the education offices will…

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Seeing Red

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With the temperature getting hotter, we are seeing a lot of red these days. There’s more red showing in the thermometer, people walking around the garden sometimes have red faces flush from the heat and exercise, and of course there are plenty of red flowering plants. This is especially true in the hummingbird garden. The…

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