Natural Areas


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I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in the Butterfly Garden and the Wildflower Meadow.  Like a kaleidoscope, wherever you turn you will see a variety of beautiful colors in an ever changing pattern.  Zinnias in shades of pink, red, yellow and orange; Pentas in white, lavender and red; purple gomphrena; deep orange firecracker plant;…

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On The Run

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WOW!  I’m sorry I’ve not been able to write lately, but I’ve been on the run for the last several weeks.  I thought with only two eagles in the garden (and now a smaller third), I wouldn’t have much worry about being spotted, but I didn’t count on the eagle eyes of this gardening staff. …

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Azalea Festival Week

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I have moved across the canal, through the barricaded area around the eagles’ nest (something people can’t do – ha ha) and I have set up under a tree across from the Matson Garden.  Here I have a great view into Renaissance Court, so I will be able to see the coronation of the Azalea…

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Garden Hideaway

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It’s spring and the garden is certainly starting to burst with flowers.   Daffodils, cherries, magnolias and many other plants are putting out a rainbow of color.  Just like the flowers, people are starting to come out as well.  On warm sunny days, they pop up everywhere in the garden enjoying the flowers, the fresh air,…

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Shining in the Sun

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I’m wearing my green today, are you?  Of course I wear green everyday.  Today I am sitting in the wildflower meadow, near the end of NATO vista.  The meadow was mowed down a few weeks ago so I don’t think any gardener is going to come looking for me here.  With all the grasses and…

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