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National Pollinator Week 2016

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By Tom Houser, Norfolk Botanical Garden Senior Horticulturist June 20-June 27th 2016 In recognition of National Pollinator Week, I’d like to share some pictures of some of the pollinators that were visiting the Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa) in my front yard last week. While I’ve always been a big fan of Butterfly Weed for its…

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Box Turtle Season is Upon Us

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By Tom Houser, Norfolk Botanical Garden Senior Horticulturist I don’t know of many people who don’t get a kick out of seeing a box turtle, and Norfolk Botanical Garden is an oasis for these vulnerable creatures.  We have everything a turtle could want – natural areas filled with food to eat, places to wander and…

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Azaleas are spring showstoppers

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Wild Green Yonder is a recurring monthly feature from the staff of the Norfolk Botanical Garden. April is the month for azaleas! Daffodil, dogwood and azalea blooms signal that spring has arrived and summer is around the bend. Azaleas are ubiquitous around town, especially in older established neighborhoods. And, almost anyone can recognize an azalea,…

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Poison Ivy

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Poison ivy (formerly Rhus radicans now Toxicodendron radicans) Can you identify poison ivy if you should come across this plant while weeding in your garden or out hiking? This is a vital skill if you wish to avoid the rash and irritation that results from coming in contact with it.  The old adage:  “Leaves of…

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Giving Thanks

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This is good time of year to give thanks for all the things we have and I am thankful for lots of things here at the Garden. Thanks for all the grand trees we have.  They give us shade in the summer, structural beauty in the winter, wonderful fall color and budding hope in the…

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Spring Odyssey

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There are two types of people who visit the Garden… Wait, that sounds like the start of a bad joke. People come to the Garden for many different reasons, but generally people come with a specific purpose in mind or they come to wander around and see what’s here. In other words, for some folks…

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Creepy Plants

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Halloween is almost here and people are getting all excited to scare each other.  I love a good fright now and then too.  Last year I talked about some seasonally scary plants, but I really didn’t mention a few that truly creep me out.  These are the ones that will sneak up on you as…

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Fun Guys

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I went to the woods today, but not deliberately.  I’m not such a Thoreau thinker – the wind just blew me there.  (Actually to be more reflective about my movements, I should be walled-in.)  While in the woods I met a bunch of fun guys.  They were definitely very interesting and you don’t get to…

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