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Acorns are Edible

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Acorns are a favorite food of many wild animals including deer and squirrels.  Have you ever tried eating one?  If you have, you immediately become aware of the difference in the definition of edible and palatable!  Because of the high levels of tannin, they are quite bitter.  The acorns in the red oak group with pointed leaves…

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Daylilies-Les Parks

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Norfolk Botanical Garden has a wonderful collection of Daylilies. Les Parks explains how easy they are to grow with stunning varieties of color. Don’t Miss the Tidewater Daylily Society’s Show & Sale Sunday, June, 15, 2014.

Fertilizing Annuals

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Today’s summer flowering annuals have been bred to produce blossoms over an extended period of time. Because of this, if can be very beneficial to provide additional fertilizer throughout the growing season. This can be done either by the application of liquid fertilizer or by sidedressing plants with granular fertilizer. Sidedressing is simply adding fertilizer…

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Lawn Mowing Height

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Most individuals mow their lawns when it gets “too high” or when it starts looking shaggy.  Have you ever wondered how to determine the best to mow the lawn?  Ideally the lawn gets mowed when no more than one third of the grass blade will be removed.  This means that if your lawn mower is…

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Aphids on Roses

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Rose blossoms are beginning, although somewhat late this year, to open. Along with the beautiful blossoms are sure to be aphids.Roses can be the host for a number of different aphids such as the potato aphid and the cotton aphid.The most common aphid that feeds on roses is, quite appropriately, the rose aphid.This aphid is…

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House Plant “Vacation”

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You might want to consider having your house plants go on a vacation once the weather warms up for good, night temperatures consistently above 55 degrees. It is often a real refreshing house plant pick-me-up for them after a long season of in-house low light levels. An area with dappled shade generally is most beneficial,…

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Conifer Garden – Video Blog

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Learn more about the beautiful Conifer Garden at Norfolk Botanical Garden in southeast Virginia. Les Parks shows you how Conifers are a great addition to your own landscape as they look stunning in all seasons! This Garden was designated by the American Conifer Society as a Reference Garden for the Southeast.

Scale Insects

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Now, during the dormant season, is a good time to check woody plants for scale insect infestations. Scale insects are not the easiest to recognize because they are not only immobile, but are usually small and do not look like most other insects. Many of them resemble small, oval or circular sea shells. One is even called oyster…

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