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Mulch Don’t Bag

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Leaves that are falling on your lawn are a gift of nature. They represent free fertilizer, the basis for healthy compost, a wonderful soil amendment and also a quick and easy mulch that will enable your soil to retain moisture. So why do so many homeowners go through the aggravation of collecting and bagging them…

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Fertilizing Spring Bulbs

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Fall is a good time to fertilize bulbs that blossom in the Spring. This would primarily mean daffodils and tulips, although minor bulbs such as crocus and snow drops will also benefit.  It is best to base the fertilizer application on a soil test. This is particularly the case if you fertilize fairly regularly. Phosphorus…

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Fall is for Planting

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Most people are thinking of winding down their gardening for the season at this time of year.  For herbaceous annuals and perennials that is pretty much the case. However, the months of October and November can be a very good time to plant trees.  The main reason is that during the fall the warmer soils…

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Acorns are Edible

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Acorns are a favorite food of many wild animals including deer and squirrels.  Have you ever tried eating one?  If you have, you immediately become aware of the difference in the definition of edible and palatable!  Because of the high levels of tannin, they are quite bitter.  The acorns in the red oak group with pointed leaves…

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Daylilies-Les Parks

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Norfolk Botanical Garden has a wonderful collection of Daylilies. Les Parks explains how easy they are to grow with stunning varieties of color. Don’t Miss the Tidewater Daylily Society’s Show & Sale Sunday, June, 15, 2014.

Fertilizing Annuals

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Today’s summer flowering annuals have been bred to produce blossoms over an extended period of time. Because of this, if can be very beneficial to provide additional fertilizer throughout the growing season. This can be done either by the application of liquid fertilizer or by sidedressing plants with granular fertilizer. Sidedressing is simply adding fertilizer…

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