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Did you Know that NBG has several Redwoods?

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By Tom Houser, Norfolk Botanical Garden Senior Horticulturist While many of you may be familiar with the Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) adjacent to the Butterfly House (including the state champion!) I’ll bet most of you have never walked the “Redwood Trail” in Mirror Lake. When I first started working in Mirror Lake back in 2004,…

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Azaleas are spring showstoppers

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Wild Green Yonder is a recurring monthly feature from the staff of the Norfolk Botanical Garden. April is the month for azaleas! Daffodil, dogwood and azalea blooms signal that spring has arrived and summer is around the bend. Azaleas are ubiquitous around town, especially in older established neighborhoods. And, almost anyone can recognize an azalea,…

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A Mild December in 2015

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Ginkgo tree leaves enchanted forest

By Tom Houser, Norfolk Botanical Garden Senior Horticulturist It’s that time of the year when things here at the Garden are slowing down after completing most of our fall plantings. The Herbaceous team has completed their always arduous change-out of our annual beds, and every team is taking a breather after planting thousands (and thousands!)…

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