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2015 – Year of the Sweet Pepper

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Sweet peppers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  The Colors include red, yellow, ivory, orange and purple and shapes include the elongated banana, the blocky bell, the oblong bells and smooth cherry types.  Sweet peppers are called “sweet” because they do not contain capsaisin the chemical that makes chili peppers “hot” and can…

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Suds & Buds

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tout suds

Coming Soon! Friday, March 20, 2015. Celebrate Spring’s Arrival at NBG!

Impatiens – Easy Growing

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The Sakata Seed Company has produced a tough and colorful Impatiens series called Spreading SunPatiens®.  They are available in a number of colors including red, white, salmon, orange and lavender.  ‘Spreading Shell Pink’  was recently announced as an All-America Selections winner.  This line of impatiens, which are considered a breeding breakthrough, thrive in full sun…

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Spotted Lanternfly

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A new exotic insect pest was recently announced by Pennsylvania agricultural officials. The Spotted Lanternfly, a colorful flying insect native to China, India, Japan and VietNam, has prompted a quarantine in five PA townships where it has been discovered. These are the only reported observations of this pest in the US so far. The Spotted…

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Pruning Nandina

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Nandina, Nandina domestica, also called heavenly bamboo, is one of those plants that some people love to hate. These feelings are probably engendered by the over-use use of nandina because of its aggressive behavior. However, it is a tough and pretty much year-round interest plant with white flowers in spring, green foliage throughout the year…

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Sheet Composting

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This is a follow-on to my previous encouragement that mulch leaves rather than bagging and curbing them. Compost piles are a great manner in which to turn shredded leaves into a healthy soil enriching product. However, if you are like me, the overall work required to set up and manage a compost pile does not…

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