Allison Ames & Amanda Wayman

Amanda and Allison (4) Amanda and Allison (6) Amanda and Allison (24)

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Allison & Amanda’s love story is proof that love sometimes sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Neither was looking for a relationship when they met in the operating room at CHKD. Alison was a nurse and Amanda was a new surgical tech. After working in such close proximity and under the intense pressure of the pediatric OR, they developed an undeniable bond. They started spending more and more time together outside of work decompressing at their favorite local brewery and fell in love quite unexpectedly.  As they began to make future plans they were nervous about revealing their relationship to their co-workers. If their co-workers knew, Allison and Amanda wondered if they would still be able to work together in the operating room, or if they would both be able to keep the jobs that they love. They tested the waters at an after-work social gathering with a nonchalant kiss. The support and acceptance that they received after “coming out” to their co-workers was an unanticipated and welcome surprise. Since becoming engaged these brides to be have been dreaming of a traditional wedding that reflects their non-traditional style and winning would turn their dreams into a reality. “We want to celebrate not only our love for each other, but also the idea that love knows no bounds.”