Staff List

To reach a staff member, please call (757) 441-5830 + extension listed below

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Name Title Extension
Michael P. Desplaines President & CEO 322
Cathy Fitzgerald Vice President of Operations & Development 319
Kelly Welsh Marketing and Communications Director 346
Doug Ward Director of Finance 315
Melissa Mullins Executive Assistant/Grant Writer 322
Amanda Wells Human Resources Manager 347
Lee Allen Moore Finance 314
Shay Clements Accounting and Technology 317

Guest and Member Experience

Name Title Extension
Ray Davis Director of Member Experience 316
Audrey McMillian Guest Services 342
Emelie Zueger Membership & Gifts 326
Daniel Kathalynas Tour Operations & Public Tours 352

Weddings & Special Events

Lena MarchGroup Sales, Corporate & Social Events311

Name Title Extension
Jessica Hintz Wedding Director 328
David Powers Director of Special Events 380
Liz Le Lead Wedding Coordinator 318
Ashley Nardiellio Weddings & Special Events 339


Name Title Extension
Theresa Augustin Director of Environmental Engagement & Outreach 453
Jennifer Erving Director of Youth Education 350
Courtney Cornwell Director of Adult Programs 312
Meredith Zadd Adult Programs Coordinator 338
Amy Dagnall Education & Adult Programs 335
Phong Luu Volunteer Coordinator 327
Marcia Oubre Senior Youth Educator WOW 359
Beverly Albright Youth Programs Coordinator 340
Hannah Lee Youth Programs Coordinator – School Programs 461

Gift Shop

Name Title Extension
Jo Hartsook Retail Manager 329/330


Name Title Extension
Brian O’Neil Director of Living Landscapes 451
Les Parks Director of Horticulture 452
Renee Frith Curator of Woody Plants 455
David Pincus Plant Recorder 460
Nichole Coleman Greenhouse Manager 456
Julie Finn Nursery Technician 456
Samantha Lancke Assistant Nursery Tech 456
Meredith Courtney Assistant Propagator 456
Tom Houser Senior Horticulturist 454
Linda Saunders Senior Horticulturist 454
Pat Sisson Senior Horticulturist 454
Mark Moreno Senior Horticulturist 454
Mary Toth Horticulturist 454
Perry-Lee West Horticulturist 454
Joelle Miller Horticulturist 454
Alexandra Cantwell Horticulturist 454
Danette Blevins Horticulturist 454
Andrew Earehart Horticulturist 454
Carl Simmons Horticulturist 454
James Van Meter Horticulturist 454
Stephen Biela Assistant Horticulturist 454
Allen Carter Assistant Horticulturist 454
James Chin Assistant Horticulturist 454
Josh Feltz Assistant Horticulturist 454
Bonnie Williams Assistant Horticulturist 454
open Assistant Horticulturist 454
Tensaie Fesshaye Assistant Horticulturist 454
Dan Fulford Assistant Horticulturist 454
Joe Foreman Grounds Manager 458
Raymond McDevitt Senior Groundskeeper 458
Russel Fail Groundskeeper 458
Bryan Breeden Groundskeeper 458
Jim Kraince Groundskeeper 458


Name Title Extension
Don Brown Facilities Director 459
Hazel Harvie Facility Supervisor 360
Doug Miller Facility Supervisor 360
David Foss IT Manager 457
Travis Abeyta Information & Technology 457
David Brady Facility Technician 360
Eleanor Dela Cruz Facility Technician 360
Rick Montgomery Facility Technician 360
Shelly Snyder Facility Technician 360
Nicole Marlow Facility Technician 360
Nicole Depto Facility Technician 360
Devin Evans Facility Technician 360
Rodney Romualdo Facility Technician 360
Kellen Smith Facility Technician 360
Vina Stump Facility Technician 360
Michael Hagenberger Facility Technician 360
Gage Lane Facility Technician 360