All American Selection

The All-American Sellections mission is to promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America. Both flowers and vegetables are evaluated. Some of the more recent winners include:

Year Class Variety Type
2008 Viola Skippy XL Plum-Gold Flower
2008 Osteospermum Asti White Bedding Plant
2008 Eggplant Hansel Vegetable
2007 Pepper Holy Molé Vegetable
2007 Celosia Fresh Look Gold Flower
2007 Vinca Pacifica Burgandy Halo Bedding Plant
2007 Petunia Opera Supreme Pink Morn Flower
2006 Salvia farinacea Evolution Flower
2006 Dianthus Supra Purple Bedding Plant
2006 Diascia Diamonte Coral Rose Bedding Plant
2006 Ornamental Pepper Black Pearl Flower
2006 Viola Skippy XL Red-Gold Bedding Plant
2006 Pepper Mariachi Vegetable
2006 Carrot Purple Haze Vegetable
2006 Cilantro Delfino Vegetable
2006 Pepper Carmen Vegetable
2006 Zinnia Zowie! Yellow Flame Flower
2006 Nicotiana Perfume Deep Purple Bedding Plant


As an official display garden for the program, Norfolk Botanical Garden grows winners that do well in this region. Annual displays change yearly to showcase the diversity of plants that have earned this award.

To learn more about the AAS program and how winners are determined, click here.