2015 – Year of the Sweet Pepper

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Sweet peppers come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  The Colors include red, yellow, ivory, orange and purple and shapes include the elongated banana, the blocky bell, the oblong bells sweet pepperand smooth cherry types.  Sweet peppers are called “sweet” because they do not contain capsaisin the chemical that makes chili peppers “hot” and can cause your mouth and eyes to burn.  Along with being colorful in salads and various other dishes, peppers are healthy for you.  According to the National Garden Bureau, “A serving of the most popular type in the USA–the sweet bell–contains more vitamin C than the average orange, a generous amount of vitamin E and many antioxidants with only 29 calories.” Check out   http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/great-recipes.asp?food=sweet+peppers  for a number of recipes using sweet peppers. Although more peppers are showing up in grocery stores, you might  want to grow your own as the varietal options will be much greater.  They are easy to grow and will not only do well in a vegetable garden, but also grow well  mixed in a flower border or in containers.


Photo courtesy of Gurney’s Seeds, http://www.gurneys.com/product/sweet_bell_pepper_hybrid_mix/sweet_peppers